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Since 1994

The Social Security Law Group

Founded in 1994 by veteran disability attorney, Victor J. Arruda, Social Security Law Group embarked on its mission to serve Social Security claimants ensuring they are awarded their full benefits, and simplify a complex process.

The best-known disability insurance carriers refer their insured clients to us. The technologies we’ve built coupled with our seasoned, driven team lead to proven results and satisfied clients.

America’s Leading Social Security Disability Insurance Partner

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We Win!

Getting approved for government benefits is more difficult, complex and overwhelming than ever. If you’ve been denied Social Security Disability you need the very best lawyers fighting for you!

We win 97% of our cases. We win the difficult cases other firms won’t consider. We win because we are experienced, aggressive and have the most in-depth understanding of the complex, ever-changing Social Security benefits laws.

Unparalleled Experience

Since 1994 our focus has been in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims. We have won benefits for our clients at thousands of Social Security Disability hearings in courts across the United States.

We have cross-examined hundreds of medical experts and vocational experts. While each case and each Judge is different, we know and will gather the evidence that is necessary to get your case approved.



We win 98% of all our cases.

We win the difficult cases other firms won’t consider.

Since 1994, we have won thousands of cases across the U.S.

We have an unrivaled understanding of Social Security benefits law.

We prepare a rock solid case that will win you your benefits.