Status Star Forecaster ™ is our predictive model, and in the coming months, we will allow all of our claimants, potential claimants, and partners access to it.

Status Star Forecaster is able to “score” the likelihood of success of your potential SSDI claim – based on almost every critical variable.  Forecaster takes into consideration your age, disabling condition(s), geographical location, and even the particular Judge who hears your claim.

Very Likely (1-3)

Likely (3-5)

Possibly (5-7)

Not Likely (7-9)

Likelihood of Successful Award

Application Level

Reconsideration +

Hearing Level

Hearing +

Stage of the SSDI Process

(Disclaimer)  StatusStar Forecaster ™, is just that, a Forecaster, and estimate, a prediction – the score generated is not a guarantee, nor are your particular results.  One person with the same scoring criterion as another person may experience a different outcome.  StatusStar Forecaster(tm) is not intended to be relied upon.  Social Security Law Group employs data from thousands of SSDI awards and denials – Our algorithms are proprietary and based on our 24+ years of experience in the field.  For more information, please contact us.