Very Likely (1-3)

Likely (3-5)

Possibly (5-7)

Not Likely (7-9)

Likelihood of Successful Award

Application Level

Reconsideration +

Hearing Level

Hearing +

Stage of the SSDI Process

StatusStar Forecaster ™, is our predictive model, and in the coming months, we intend to allow all of our claimants, potential claimants, and partners access to it.  StatusStar Forecaster ™ mines decades of our internal data, and is able to “score” the likelihood of success of your potential SSDI claim – based on almost every critical variable.  Forecaster ™ takes into consideration your age, disabling condition(s), geographical location, and even the particular Judge who hears your claim…

(Disclaimer)  StatusStar Forecaster ™, is just that, a Forecaster, and estimate, a prediction – the score generated is not a guarantee, nor are your particular results.  One person with the same scoring criterion as another person may experience a different outcome.  StatusStar Forecaster(tm) is not intended to be relied upon.  Social Security Law Group employs data from thousands of SSDI awards and denials – Our algorithms are proprietary and based on our 24+ years of experience in the field.  For more information, please contact us.